Mayoral & Kingston CIL Land Charges

What are the Environmental Information Regulations?  

The 2004 Environmental Information Regulations provide the statutory right to access environmental information and information regarding to decisions, policies and activities affecting the environment that is held by public authorities.

What is CON29?

The CON29 complements the Local Land Charge Register to allow prospective purchasers access information regarding to the property being searched. It provides information on items in existence as well as items that are in the pipeline and/or awaiting approval. Without CON29, these issues might go unnoticed and have a material effect on the future use, development and enjoyment as well as laying a financial burden on the property.

CON29 & the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

CON29 Section 3.10 concerns the availability of information regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Land Charges.

The CIL was introduced by the 2010 Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations and is used by local authorities to generate revenue from development for the purposes of funding community infrastructure such as energy and transport facilities and enhanced access to public green spaces. The Mayor of London’s CIL (Mayoral CIL) is additionally collected by Kingston Council and is used to fund city-wide strategic infrastructure projects, predominantly Crossrail.

CON29 Section 3.10

  • 3.10 (a) Is there a CIL Charging schedule?
  • 3.10 (b) If yes, do any of the following subsist in relation to the property or has a local authority decided to issue, serve, make or commence any of the following:
  • (i) a liability notice?
  • (ii) a notice of chargeable development?
  • (iii) a demand notice?
  • (iv) a default liability notice?
  • (v) an assumption of liability notice?
  • (vi) a commencement notice?
  • 3.10c Has any demand notice been suspended?
  • 3.10d Has the local authority received full or part payment of any CIL liability?
  • 3.10e Has the local authority received any appeal against any of the above?
  • 3.10f Has a decision been taken to apply for a liability order?
  • 3.10g Has a liability order been granted?
  • 3.10h Have any other enforcement measures been taken?

Accessing CON29 Information 

You can access CON29 information via the Council’s Public Facing module

  • You can search for the relevant information by entering the planning reference number, address, ward etc and by clicking ‘search’. 
  • Once located, click on the relevant reference number and select the CON29 Tab.
  • This page/information can then be printed/generated as a pdf via the “Print Page” button at the bottom of the screen. 

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