Cocks Crescent

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On 13 February 2020, the council’s Finance and Partnerships Committee agreed to seek a preferred development partner to deliver the new leisure and community hub on the Cocks Crescent site. 

This stage of the project follows extensive co-design and engagement work which was undertaken with local residents and stakeholders last summer asking them to share their views on the design and plans for the site. This feedback has been fed into the draft development brief that will now be taken to the market to help identify a suitable partner. 

The process to identify a preferred development partner will take between six to nine months. 

Autumn 2019

In September and October 2019, independent consultants, Fluid, facilitated a number of co-design events including two workshops with the local community. These workshops aimed to investigate the following aspects of the site in greater detail:

  • Character and identity
  • Layout and land-uses
  • Height and three dimensional form of buildings
  • Community benefits and facilities

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed their time to the co-design process so far.

A Community Drop-in Event was held on Saturday 7 September, where the outcomes of the co-design process was shared and additional thoughts and feedback sought. The final outcome of this process will help to shape the Design and Development Brief for the site. The information shared at the Community Drop-in Event can be found here

On the 8 and 12 October, an event for young people aged 21 or under was held to discuss the information shared at the community drop in event in more detail. We also held an event on the 1 October for user groups of The Malden Centre to discuss the existing facility and how it could be improved for them. The feedback collected is helping to shape the brief for the new or remodelled facility and informing the Design and Development Brief.

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Summer 2019 

We were pleased to welcome 42 local people to the second co-design workshop on Saturday 27 July.  Key principles for the site and three different design scenarios were presented by the architects for discussion, responding to key themes from feedback heard in the first co-design workshop.  We explored themes such as movement, layout, building form, height and materials. The feedback from the workshop will help us to identify acceptable uses and scale of development that will inform the Design and Development Brief.  A refined design proposal and key development principles will now be worked up based on the feedback received and will be shared at a public event in Autumn.

The second co-design workshop followed some engaging and well attended pop-up events in early July and the first co-design workshop which 28 local people attended on Saturday 13 July. At the first workshop, residents undertook a site visit and got involved in helping to shape the future identity of the Cocks Crescent site through discussions on themes such as public open space, community facilities and approach to height.

Two workshops were held in July as follows:

Workshop 1 
DATE: Saturday 13 July 
TIME: 12.30pm - 4.30pm
LOCATION: The Malden Centre, Blagdon Road, KT3 4AF

Workshop 2 
DATE: Saturday 27 July 
TIME: 11am – 3pm
LOCATION: The Malden Centre, Blagdon Road, KT3 4AF

Two Pop-Up events were also held in July as follows:

DATE: Saturday 6 July 
TIME: 9am – 1pm  
LOCATION: New Malden Farmers Market, New Malden High Street
DATE: Thursday 11 July 
TIME: 4pm – 7pm
LOCATION: New Malden Station (Coombe Road)

Spring 2019

As part of the next stage of the Cocks Crescent site redevelopment, the council started a co-design engagement process with the community in June 2019. 

This process has been informed following the report from Create Streets, an independent consultant which outlined thoughts on the engagement process so far. Please visit our “how we got to where we are” section for more information. 

This initiative will help shape the next stage of the process which is the development of a Design and Development Brief for the site.