COVID-19: Grants for businesses

Business Restrictions Hardship Grant - eligible businesses

The full list of businesses that are currently eligible for our Business Restrictions Hardship Grant is as below.  If you are eligible, please read the full guidance and apply here.

  • Driving instructors, licensed taxi drivers, chauffeurs, and car rentals with ongoing business costs, such as vehicle lease.
  • Independent Ofsted Registered Childcare providers/nursery businesses in their own dedicated business premises or shared workspaces.
  • Independent coworking and shared workspace operators that provide desk, studio or workshop-based workspaces in a shared environment with shared facilities.
  • Group travel and tour operators, other tourism businesses.
  • Artists and makers in studios/shared workspaces without their own Rateable Value, and an all-inclusive fee to the studio/workspace operator of a minimum of £250 per month.
  • Regular market traders with an in-borough stall trading in the same place forat least 5 days per week; with ongoing property costs, such as rent or pitch fees.
  • English language schools.
  • Breweries.
  • Independent retail concessions within larger stores.
  • Laundrette businesses where they are part of supply chain for leisure and hospitality.

We also welcome applications from those in our existing categories that have not yet applied.  We have updated these below, with some additional examples to help:

  • Businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sector (and their supply chains) that don’t qualify for the Restart Grant, including sports, health and fitness businesses. Supply chain: Those that are reliant on business from the sectors most heavily affected by restrictions on trade. This means that if your business relies on businesses in the hospitality, leisure, sport and fitness and retail sectors for a substantial part of your trade business, you can qualify for this grant. For example, event production or support firms, PA equipment or marquee hire, catering, marketing, transport services, wholesalers, wedding services, security services, photographers and others could qualify. If you are in this category, you can qualify whether you pay business rates or not, so businesses that are home-based or working from shared work spaces can apply, as can freelancers freelancers and mobile businesses.
  • Businesses that were or are closed due to the national lockdown periods, but do not qualify for the ‘Restart  Grant’ (such as market traders and those in shared workspaces).
  • Independent retailers in properties where you do not pay Business Rates directly, and have not received ‘lockdown’ or Restart grants via your landlord.
  • Personal care and wellbeing services that have not been required to close, but have been severely impacted by restrictions. (For example, hair, beauty, tanning and nail services. Tattoo parlours, spas, massage and physio services, piercing services, and also therapy services).
  • Cultural and creative businesses: specifically: this includes those involved in the creation, production and delivery of events and performances that rely on audiences or event attendees for a significant portion of their income, and dance schools and classes.  Those with demonstrable severe impact from restrictions, including those that are home-based or in shared work spaces. Creative businesses that do not fit this description may qualify via the 'supply chain' criteria or as an occupant of a studio/workspace as set out above.
  • Home-based businesses and new businesses that have started up during the pandemic restrictions and have been demonstrably trading during the period of restrictions can apply, provided they meet the criteria below and are in one of the eligible sectors.


Last Modified: 30/04/2021 19:58:54