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Find a registered tradesman - competent person schemes

You do not need to make an application for many types of minor work which can be certified as compliant with the building regulations by a registered tradesperson or local enterprise (a 'competent person').

Set up by the government, various trade bodies run competent persons schemes (CPS) and have registered competent people who meet their required technical standards.

Find a competent person

Your can find a competent person by searching the Competent Persons Register. Simply enter your postcode, county or a trade and check a business name to see if they are a valid Competent Person.

Find details of CPS work at a property

Our building control database can give you information on whether a CPS notification has been given for any building work at a specific address - this could be useful if you’re thinking about buying a property.

To find this:

  • Click the search the building control applications database link
  • Search for and select the property
  • If a CPS was used, the application number will have the text '– Competent Persons Scheme' appended to it. Also if you click the application number, it will show the details for the application. If a CPS was used, the Application type value will be 'Competent Persons Scheme'.

Last Modified: 19/06/2020 13:28:51