About building control and more

What is Building Control and the Building Regulations?

Building control

We have a dedicated team of surveyors and engineers who make sure that all building work in the borough meets the national regulations.  

If you’re thinking of carrying out any development you will most likely need approval for the building work. Our section on approval for building work should help you decide: 

  • Whether you need to apply for approval
  • The type of approval you need
  • How much you have to pay 

Our Building Control team can help you through the process. We provide an efficient, cost effective service ranging from pre-application advice to completion.

Building Regulations

If you are planning a home improvement, the 'Front Door' website provides advice on home improvements, building regulations, contracts, working with construction professionals, planning permission and much more. 

These rules cover England and Wales and apply to most types of buildings, including homes and commercial developments. 

They exist to protect our health and safety in and around buildings. They also cover things like saving energy and making buildings suitable for disabled people. 

Building regulations set out the standards that have to be met. Detailed guidance on how to achieve this is set out in a series of 'Approved Documents' that can be viewed on Gov.uk. You do not have to follow the Approved Documents; other solutions can also be acceptable, providing they can be shown to meet the objectives of the regulations.

If you are having construction or refurbishment done, you may need to notify the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and you may have other duties as well.

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