Recycling and rubbish collections guide

Textiles and footwear

The textiles and footwear recycling service is only available if you live in a house or a house converted into flats. If you live in purpose built flats, please take these items to nearby charity shops if they are reusable, or you can dispose of them at the household reuse and recycling centre.

You can recycle your textiles and footwear from home by placing them in a tied carrier bag next to your food waste bin. Textiles are collected weekly. Please only put out one small bag of textiles per week. If you have large quantities, please take these to a nearby charity shop or to the household reuse and recycling centre.

The textiles and shoes will then be sorted and graded. Any clothing or shoes that are of satisfactory quality will be reused, anything that cannot be reused will be recycled - predominantly into wiper clothes for use in industry or for insulation. 

If you are presenting textiles and electricals in the same week, please put them out in separate bags, with your textiles next to your food caddy and your electricals on the lid of your black wheelie bin for rubbish. 

  • Clothes
  • Shoes tied in pairs
  • Hats scarves and gloves
  • Coats 

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