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FAQs for Fair Access

Booking form and Fair Access FAQs

Question Answer
Can an on-the-day booking be made available? In order to facilitate the management of the booking system, the final time for a slot to be booked by is 9am the previous day. Bookings can be made 2-6 days in advance
Will people be able to book via telephone/Contact Centre? (people who are not online) Bookings can only be made online. Please ask friends or family to book online on your behalf if you do not have access to the internet. Those that have no one to help them can book a slot via the contact centre.
Will this encourage fly tipping / increased use of unlicensed traders. There is no indication that this will encourage flytipping, as there is plenty of spare capacity in terms of slots at the HRRC since the site returned to normal operating hours in the Summer. The changes will only impact 3% of site users and other routes for responsible disposal should be used. Enforcement action is taken against flytippers where there is sufficient evidence
Will this result in staff cuts No
How does this work with pedestrian / cycle access? The last hour on Sunday (3-4pm) will be set aside from April 2021 for such visitors and potentially incentivise others to consider sustainable transport. . There is no limit to the number of times you can visit on foot or by bike.
Will the system mean there would be more bonfires? Please can we mention measures to enforce against fly tipping and excessive bonfires? We already have a booking system in place and there is plenty of spare capacity. For information, RBK’s Environmental Health team can take action against flytipping and repeat bonfires that cause a nuisance.
If I have a small car, can I visit more frequently? The same policy and number of visits applies to cars of all sizes.
Will I be able to cancel/amend my booking? Not on the current form, but we are building this into the new form that will replace the current form in the coming months. No-shows will count toward the 20 visits per year
Is the fair use per household, per resident or per car? It is per household. The combined number of visits per household for those with two vehicles is 20 visits per year. We will be monitoring vehicle reg data to keep track on repeat use
How do I access the site with a hire car? Can I visit a full 20 times if I am using hire cars each time? Yes you can. Please indicate the registration number,if known, or the word HIRE CAR where unknown. All other details, email address and postcode should be completed as usual.
What about people that do not drive and get lifts from friends/family who take them in their car There is and will continue to be exemptions for residents that do not drive/own a car. For more details see:
Will there be any limit to the number of bulky waste collections I can book and will there be a longer wait to book one? You can book as many bulky waste collections as you need to. There is capacity for more bulky waste collections to take place, so we do not foresee any increased wait times for a collection.
I have separated out and disposed of as much waste and recycling as I can using the kerbside collection service but I have reached my limit of 20 visits in a year- what should I do? Please refer to the exemptions policy and complete the form on the Council website. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis

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