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Collections - How it works

Collections from flats above shops

What is changing?

The council is introducing recycling services to flats above shops in Kingston. This means that residents will be provided with recycling bags for the first time, allowing them the same opportunity to recycle as the rest of the borough.

Two kinds of bags will be delivered to flats above shops every 13 weeks: clear bags for recycling paper and card and blue bags for plastic, glass, cans and cartons.

Some households will experience a change in collection day. Your collection day should be made clear in your letter and leaflet, however you will be able to find your last and next collection day online via the council website if you forget.

Why has the council changed the service?

  • Residents who live in flats above shops will be able to recycle for the first time. This will help boost Kingston’s recycling rate.
  • Residents who live in flats above shops will be provided with the same recycling options as other residents in Kingston.
  • The new service will help make our streets even cleaner - preventing spillages and reducing litter by providing the bags to contain recycling securely.
  • Some collection days are changing for flats above shops to make the operations morestreamlined. All waste and recycling from flats above shops will be collected by one crew which makes the collection service more reliable and efficient.

How will I know how to use the service?

You will be directly contacted twice before the launch of the new collection service. A letter will be delivered around one month before the service launch, outlining the reasons for change and confirming your collection day. A leaflet will also be delivered with the new bags, containing detailed information about how to use the new collection service correctly.

When will I receive my new bags?

Bags will be delivered in the week before the service begins on 28 March. All of the bags will be delivered with information about how to use the new service. Black sacks for general waste will not be provided so residents should continue to use their own.

I was sent a letter about the new service, but I haven’t received the bags.

Bags will be delivered before 28 March. You should receive them shortly. If it is past this date, please provide your address to 0208 547 5002 and we will arrange delivery.

When should I start using my new bags?

You should start using your new bags from 28 March. You will be provided with specific information along with the bags when they are delivered.

Can I order new bags if I need them?

If needed, we will supply you with extra bags for your recycling by phoning 0208 547 5002. Please wait until you have used the new service before contacting us to request extra bags so that you can be sure of your needs. The quarterly delivery of bags allows for one bag of paper and card, one bag of plastics, cans and glass recycling to be presented for collection each week. You should be presenting only one bag of general waste a week, using your own black bags. This is a similar capacity provided to other property types in the borough.

Do I need to be in when the bags arrive?

No, you do not. The bags are designed to fit through your letterbox.

Can I use any other type of bags or sacks?

Yes, you should continue to use your own bags for general waste, however this should be limited to one bag per week. From 28 March, for recycling you should only use the council branded bags which you have been provided with. Additional general waste above the limit may be treated as fly-tipping.

How will I know what goes in each bag?

We will provide you with full details of what materials can go into your recycling and general waste bags when we deliver your new bags. You can also find information on the branded bags or on the council website.

How big are the bags?

Each bag can contain 90l of waste.

Can I use wheelie bins instead?

No, entrances to flats above shops are usually on streets with high footfall, so there is inadequate space for bins.

Where do I put my bags out on collection days?

Please place your bags in a clear point of collection, so your rubbish and recycling is easy for our collection crews to find.

Will I be able to recycle food waste?

No, we are not able to provide your property with a separate food waste collection service.

My neighbour is confused. She/he needs someone to explain the new service. Could you please send a Recycling Adviser?

We are hoping to visit all residents receiving this service in the first week of April, to ensure that any questions are answered.

What happens if I do not use the bags correctly?

If you put rubbish (non recyclable waste) in a blue or clear recycling bag, our collection crews will still collect it but they will record it as contaminated. It is really important that you separate your recycling from rubbish correctly, as this could affect the recyclability of the entire load of recycling collected. If you contaminate on a frequent basis, we may visit you to help answer any questions you might have about how to correctly use the recycling service.

What can I recycle?

A full list of items can be found at

Will the change result in disruption?

It is unlikely that you should experience any disruption. We have measures in place to ensure the schedule changes are carried out as smoothly as possible. If issues arise, we’ll do our best to rectify them as quickly as we can.

Residents are advised to regularly check our website for information at

Last Modified: 23/03/2022 15:20:32