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Collections from flats

The flats service information below is applicable to estates and purpose built blocks of flats only. If you live in a house converted into flats, please visit the collections from your house page.

How it works?

Each block of flats have set collection days for recycling and rubbish. The crew will collect your bins from the agreed bin storage. Should bins need to be relocated on site, please notify us to avoid missed collections. 

Please ensure you use the correct bins for your recycling and rubbish. If any bins are contaminated with the wrong items, the crew may refuse collection of your bin until the issue is addressed upon your next collection. 

If we miss any of your bins, please let us know by reporting a missed collection within two working days of your collection. 

Recycling Service

We provide recycling facilities that are tailored for purpose-built blocks of flats in the borough. Each block of flats can have three types of recycling bins:

  • Paper and card recycling bins
  • Dry mixed recycling bins
  • Food waste recycling bins

Residents can contact us if your property requires more recycling bins and there is space for it. If you need an indoor food waste caddy, you can request one online.

You can also subscribe to the garden waste service, where you can purchase bins or biodegradable sacks to dispose of any garden waste from the grounds of your block of flats. The garden waste service will have to be registered against a particular flat and any garden waste bins or sacks will need to be presented together with other bins at the bin storage for collection.

Non-Recyclable Rubbish Service

We collect rubbish from most flats properties in the borough, though a small number have private collections. Please only place items that are not recyclable in your rubbish bins and store rubbish in a black or plastic bag. 

Managing agents of flats are responsible for providing or replacing non-recyclable rubbish bins. 

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Environment and waste

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