Apply for planning permission

What to include with your application (validation list)

You will need to supply extra national and local information with your planning application. Our validation list will tell you what you need to include. You must read this before making an application.

If you’re applying online through the Planning Portal you can attach this information easily. If you can't attach it you can post it to us. The Planning Portal will take you through the options.

You (or your agents) should read the list before applying for planning permission. If you do not read the list you may miss out important additional information with your application. This could mean your application is not registered with us and would delay the determination (result) of your application. If you think some of the requirements in the list do not apply to your project then you should explain why when you make the application.

Community Infrastructure Levy

When applying for planning permission you also need to see if you have to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). 

Assessing drainage for major developments

When applying for planning permission for a major application you'll need to:

  • complete a drainage assessment form
  • provide detailed drainage design plans
  • check to see if you need to provide a flood risk assessment 

Read more about drainage for major developments, including how to complete the assessment form.

Carbon Offsetting for major developments 

When applying for planning permission for residential major development, you also need to refer to the GLA's Sustainable Design and Construction Guidance and RBK's Environmental Management Plan 2018-23 to see if you have to pay financial mitigation called Carbon Offsetting.

If you need help understanding the requirements or the validation list, please contact us.

Last Modified: 12/03/2021 11:13:44