Housing and care home options

Supported living

This section provides information on the different types of care home available and suggestions on how you can find the best care home for you, and also suggests alternatives to a care home that might enable you to continue living independently if you want to.

Supported living is an alternative to living in a care home. It may help you to be more independent.

You may be living with others who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or older people.

Supported living homes are designed to meet your needs – they often include adaptations and technology that help those with learning or physical disabilities live as independently as possible.

If you want to try supported living you should speak to your social worker/care coordinator. They can discuss options with you.

You’ll need to think about

  • Who are you going to live with or will you live on your own?

  • Where do you want to live and what type of property would you like?

    • you may get help from a housing association who will find you somewhere to live  
  • Who will support you?

    • there are several support provider organisations in Kingston  
    • or you could recruit a personal assistant
    • or somebody you already know could support you
  • What support do you need?

    • we can help you to write a detailed support plan

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