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Annual Reports

The Safeguarding Board's Annual Reports give a summary of what the Board has done each year and how this has contributed towards achieving its vision and goals.

Policies, procedures and guidance

National Safeguarding Week - November 2019

  • Day 1 Briefing - Common Safeguarding Objective
  • Day 2 Briefing - Hoarding & Self-Neglect
  • Day 3 Briefing - LeDeR
  • Day 4 Briefing - Fraud & Scams
  • Day 5 Briefing - Homelessness


  • Matricide and Patricide - Information Leaflet for Practitioners
  • Keeping Safe: Safeguarding Adults at Risk from Abuse and Neglect 

Developing Together - Social Work Teaching Partnership

We are involved in a unique Social Work Teaching Partnership, to find out more see Adult Safeguarding resources

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