Responding to COVID-19

Important change to the National Booking System

Health and social care workers can now book their vaccine using the national online system, by calling 119 or by speaking to their GP. The National Booking System had previously been suspended for health and social care workers, but has now been reinstated as of the evening of 19 April. Visit to book, or call 119.

From 8 March: Visiting at Care Homes

Care home residents will be now able to receive visits indoors by a single, named individual. A single visitor can now meet with their relative or loved one inside a care home, and make repeat visits under carefully designed conditions to keep residents, staff and visitors safe.

Visitors will be able enter the care home for a regular indoor visit, sitting in the same room as their loved one with no screen between them. On arrival at the home each visitor will need to undergo a rapid lateral flow test. If the result is negative, the visit can go ahead. All visitors will be required to wear PPE on site and follow all infection prevention and control measures, and avoid close contact. We strongly advise against any physical contact in order to keep everyone safe and minimise the chance of accidentally passing on the virus.

Outdoor, pod and screen visits will be able to continue in line with the published guidance which has been in place during lockdown, along with contact via video and phone calls. Care homes will also be offering the 'essential care giver’ scheme where a family member or loved one provides care that is not easily provided by care home staff.  

Visiting will be suspended during any outbreaks in individual homes to limit the risk of transmission of COVID-19. 

This clinically led approach has been designed in partnership with the Deputy Chief Medical Officers and Public Health England. For full information see the latest guidance and summary for visitors.     

From 26 January: Opening Up Vaccination for the Social Care Workforce

From this week (26/01/21) frontline social care staff can now directly book an appointment to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Letters have been sent to care providers giving full details on how eligible staff within the Priority 1 and 2 groups can now make their own appointment. Social care workers can now book and select where to receive their vaccination from across the many different sites now operating across the borough and the South West London area.

On Tuesday 26 January all organisations with eligible workers should have received information on this directly from RBK Adults Commissioning [email protected], which included a letter of eligibility to distribute to all their eligible staff and booking links for the different vaccination sites in South West London. 

If you think you have eligible staff in frontline roles but have not been contacted please contact us at [email protected]

Priority groups are defined by the government and you can find details of priority groups here.

The social care workforce includes people doing a range of roles to support those with social care needs. The priority 2 eligible social care workforce has been further defined by the Local Government Association, the NHS and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services and you find more detail here.

Rapid, regular coronavirus testing

If you’re NOT displaying any symptoms of COVID19, you can now get regular, rapid coronavirus tests. Visit our rapid testing page for more information.

Why it’s important to be tested if you show NO symptoms 

Evidence has shown that people infected with COVID-19 can have no symptoms and still transmit the virus to others without being aware. It is important that we take steps to reduce the risk of transmission by identifying those who may not know they have the virus and are not displaying any symptoms. They should continue to be tested along with colleagues and other carers to keep the risk of further infection at bay, as part of the coordinated response in tackling this pandemic.

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