Living Well at Home

Get care technology to help at home

Get specialist equipment and technology like alarms and sensors to help you stay safe in your home.

Care technology (sometimes known as telecare) includes different types of sensors or alarms installed in your home.

These can be used to let you know if something’s wrong or to tell family or emergency services if something has happened to you.

Types of technology

Types of alarms and sensors you can get include:

  • pendant alarms that someone can wear and use to call for help
  • sensors that send an alert if someone has left the house or been out of bed for a long time
  • sensors to monitor carbon dioxide levels or detect water leaks

How they work

The sensors are placed around the home and connected to a base unit. If an alert is sent, an operator can speak to the person via the base unit and, if needed, contact a family member or emergency services.

Telecare uses sim cards like the ones used in mobile phones, so you don’t need to have a landline.

Buy your own care technology

You can buy many types of sensors or alarms privately from care companies. This may be the quickest way to get the equipment installed.

Get care technology from the council

To be considered for care technology from us, you’ll need to have a care needs assessment. The assessment works out whether you’re eligible for care from the council, including whether care technology is right for you.

If you’re eligible for council care services, and we think care technology is right for you, you won’t need to pay for the care technology as part of your care package.

Contact adult social care

For more information or to request an assessment, contact the adult social care contact centre.

Phone: 020 8547 5005


For a child under 18, contact the Integrated Service for Disabled Children and Young People.

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