Living Well at Home

Telecare equipment

What is telecare?

Telecare is a range of equipment that helps vulnerable people live safely and independently in their own homes. Telecare can also be used by people who are living with the threat of domestic violence.

How does it work?

Telecare offers a range of sensors which can monitor many different activities in the home. As well as offering reassurance if someone has fallen, they can also monitor whether someone has unexpectedly left the house or if they have been out of bed for a long time. They can also monitor carbon monoxide levels and detect water leaks.

The unobtrusive wireless sensors are placed around the home and are connected to a base unit. If an alert is sent, an operator can speak to the person via the base unit and, if needed, contact a family member or the emergency services.

A landline is now no longer essential for telecare installation as sim-card mobile technology can also be used.

Can telecare support me?

Telecare can be considered for anyone who needs support to continue living safely and independently in their own home.

Do I have to pay?

No. The telecare service is currently free of charge to all users.

Contact us for further information

If you're 18 or over contact the Adult Social Care Contact Centre by calling: 020 8547 5005 or emailing:

If you are under the age of 18 please contact the Integrated Service for Disabled Children and Young People.

Last Modified: 16/06/2021 14:45:21