Direct Payments

Managing your Direct Payments

When considering any request for a Direct Payment, we will need to be satisfied that the money will be managed appropriately.

The money should help you look after yourself, get out and about, keep safe, manage everyday tasks or access work or learning opportunities that will have been identified from your social care assessment.

It cannot be used for:

  • buying things that haven't been assessed as part of your support plan
  • gambling or debts 
  • tobacco or alcohol 
  • anything illegal
  • paying household bills
  • replace NHS services, housing services or department of work and pension benefits (DWP)
  • paying towards contributions assessed by the Council

Direct Payment support services

Kingston Centre for Independent Living (KCIL) can help you use your Direct Payments – for example to set up your services and recruit your own personal assistants (PAs). 

You can also go to the Skills for Care website and use the toolkit called ‘employing personal assistants’.

Employing a personal assistant (PA)

Employing a personal assistant will mean they need to pay tax on their earnings. You should look at Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website for information about employing a personal assistant and the rules about tax and other employer responsibilities.

KCIL can help you arrange a payroll service to pay your personal assistant and ensure you keep up to date with holiday entitlement, pensions, tax and National Insurance (NI) payments due to the HMRC. The cost of the payroll service is included in your Direct Payment. But it is important you sign an agreement with the provider of your payroll service that protects your interests and also ensures you are not personally liable for any sums of money due to the HMRC. 

KCIL will also support you with employment insurance, employment contracts, risk assesments to meet health and safety laws.

Keeping records

It is important you keep records about how you spend your Direct Payment. This must include bank statements, invoices and receipts. You will need to show that your Direct Payment has been spent on the needs identified in your care and support plan. You will also need to show that your contribution has been paid into your Direct Payment bank account if you need to contribute towards your support.

If we have concerns about how you are managing your Direct Payment we will discuss these with you and help you resolve any problems you are having. However if we find your Direct Payment has not been spent on the support identified in your support plan or is misused, we will reclaim any money and may withdraw your Direct Payment.

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