Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

What are authorities’ duties under the safeguards?

Hospitals and Care Homes (these are called managing authorities) have a duty to:

  • provide care and treatment in ways that do not deprive a person of their liberty, or if this is impossible

  • apply to the Supervisory Body for authorisation of the deprivation of liberty

  • make an urgent authorisation (for seven days) where a deprivation of liberty is already occurring


The Council (is called the supervisory body) and has a duty to:

  • assess any person for whom the Managing Authorities request a deprivation of liberty

  • authorise a deprivation if it is necessary in the best interests of a person to whom the Safeguards apply

  • set any necessary conditions to make sure the person’s care/treatment meets their needs in their best interests

  • set a time-scale for how long a deprivation can last

  • keep records of who is being deprived of their liberty

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Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards