Social care and assessments

Paying for my support

Information and advice and assessments are free. However, there may be a cost to any care and support services you receive from us. If you qualify for support we will ask you to do a financial assessment to work out how much you can afford to pay towards this cost.

You will have to pay for the full cost of your care if you have savings of £23,250

If you own a property, the value of your property is taken into account. Please note that Occupational Therapy equipment valued up to £1,000 is free to residents.

Try the Online Financial Assessment Calculator

To find out how much you might have to pay, try our Online Financial Assessment Calculator. The calculator is designed to give you an idea of your likely charge. Your charge will be finalised once you have returned a financial assessment form to the Council's Adult Social Care Finance Team. 

Financial assessment form

How much you have to pay towards the services depends on:

  • the type of service you have

  • your financial situation

  • how easy it is for you to pay

You need to complete a financial assessment form to help us work out how much you need to pay for your care services (in line with our Contributions Policy).

You can read more about the form and how to complete it: complete the financial assessment

Contributions Policy

For further information please see the council's charging policy for Adult Social Care.

If you have any queries please contact the Adult Social Care Finance Team by email or phone on 020 8547 4778.

Last Modified: 11/01/2021 12:48:40