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Citizens' assembly on air quality

Evidence so far

Our citizens' assembly took place on the weekends of 9 and 10 November and 30 November and 1 December. You can view the evidence given to the assembly members on both weekends by visiting our YouTube channel. If you would like to view the videos with subtitles, please click the subtitle icon on the video in the bottom right hand corner. 

Full report - now available!

The full report has now been published and is available to download on our website.


How do we collectively improve air quality in the borough?

To help us answer this question, a group of people will come together for four days to be a part of Kingston’s first citizens' assembly. The assembly will take place at Kingston University on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November 2019 and Saturday 30 November and Sunday 1 December 2019

About 7000 residents will be randomly invited to be a part of the citizens’ assembly. Of those who respond expressing an interest, a maximum of 40 will be selected that represent Kingston’s demographic make up. These assembly members will come together for two weekends over November and December to listen to evidence, consider and discuss what they hear and reach conclusions about what steps we should and can take together to improve air quality. 

The assembly’s recommendations will then be reported to the council decision makers to decide what will happen next. During the evidence phase, members of the assembly will have the opportunity to meet with individuals from all walks of life who live and travel regularly within the borough. They will also have discussions and hear from engaging expert speakers. The recommendations from the citizens’ assembly will be presented to the council meeting on 17 December 2019 for discussion.

The assembly is an independent process and will be run by the Involve Foundation, who will facilitate and design the process and write a report on the outcomes of the assembly. The Sortition Foundation will recruit people to take part in the assembly, ensuring that participants are broadly representative of our community. 

Get involved
There are a number of ways to get involved with the Kingston Citizens' Assembly and work improving air quality.

  • Call for evidence - 9 September - 9 October - this has now closed. 
  • Apply to be an observer - there are a limited number of spaces for members of the public to come and observe the citizens’ assembly in action. You can apply by registering on our Let's Talk portal. We will also be providing recordings of the evidence. 
  • Help to improve air quality - outside of the citizens’ assembly process you can still get involved in helping us to find ways to improve air quality. We have already been gathering ideas at community events and online through out Let’s Talk portal. Ideas that are quick and simple to implement, we can get on and action. Bigger and more complex ideas, requiring significant resources, policy changes or working with partners and other agencies, may be put to the advisory group to consider as information for the assembly. 

If you have any further questions on the citizens' assembly, please read our frequently asked questions or email us at [email protected]