Cycling projects and 'Mini Holland' - 'Mini Holland' proposals (Mayor of London's Outer London Cycling Fund)

Kingston is one of just three boroughs to have secured a significant share of the Mayor of London’s £100 million Mini Holland funding.

We will receive up to £30 million to make Kingston as cycle-friendly as Dutch towns.

Our winning bid contained many innovative plans including landmark projects, major network improvements and a range of complementary measures. Now the fanfare around the funding announcement has died down, the hard work really starts. Significant challenges, as well as opportunities, lie ahead. 

We await formal notification from Andrew Gilligan, the GLA’s Cycling Commissioner. We anticipate that this will provide further details around the precise amount of funding and which specific schemes are considered viable. We will then begin to develop a detailed project plan. 

Once the project plan is finalised, and we know which schemes are viable given the funding available, our priority will be to involve stakeholders including residents, businesses, and statutory agencies at the earliest opportunity. A detailed community and stakeholder engagement strategy is being drafted which will ensure the right people are asked for their views at the right time.  

Feedback from stakeholders will play a pivotal role in the planning and delivery of all the projects. Member and officer governance arrangements will be put in place as soon as is practicably feasible.

We look forward to providing more details on our exciting Mini Holland projects soon.