Applying for a grant - After submitting a grant application

After you submit an application for a funding grant for your voluntary or community group, it goes through a three-stage process: assessment, decision and monitoring.


If your application has been received within the deadline, it will be assessed by one of our grants officers and relevant specialist officers in the Council (e.g. principal officers for arts, sports, youth or environment). We will contact you if we have any queries about your application or if we need to clarify any of the information you have provided.

We will then put together a report on each application. The report contains summary information about your organisation's activities, management, users and finances as well as details of what your funding request is for along with a recommendation for funding.


For the Strategic Partners Programme, Community Investment Fund and Emerging Needs and New Initiatives schemes, a final decision is made by the Council's executive sometime between January and March.

Small grants are decided by the relevant departmental director around March and Neighbourhood Grants are decided by the relevant neighbourhood committee throughout the year.

After a decision has been made you will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application and also sent a copy of the assessment report.

If you have been awarded funding we will detail the terms and conditions that apply and ask you to sign and return a copy along with an original bank statement for your organisation (which will be returned to you).

Once these have been received, and any special conditions met, your funding grant will be paid. Funding grants of over £2,000 are usually paid in two instalments.


All organisations that receive funding grants need to complete a brief monitoring form which confirms how the funding has been spent. You will also need to provide copies of relevant invoices and receipts.

For neighbourhood grants and small grants under £2,000 this monitoring form is to be returned once the grant has been spent.

For all larger funding grants a monitoring form needs to be returned after six months confirming expenditure to date, after which the second grant instalment can be paid.

In addition, we try to visit as many grant aided organisations as we can each year and welcome invites to annual general meetings or other special events.