Fostering: how it works

An introduction to how fostering works and how you can change a Kingston teenager’s life – and yours! Read more about Fostering: how it works »

Who can be a foster carer?

Foster carers come from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Read more about Who can be a foster carer? »

What foster carers do

There’s much more to fostering than having a child to stay overnight or setting an extra place at the table. Read more about What foster carers do »

Types of fostering

There are many different types of fostering, from emergency and short breaks to long term. Read more about Types of fostering »

The fostering approval process

Find out more about the six stages of the fostering approval process. Read more about The fostering approval process »

Support, training and payments

Information on the support, training and the varying payments you can receive for for fostering. Read more about Support, training and payments »